Watercraft programs in Tasmania’s Sights


Tasmanian shipbuilders have the experience, infrastructure and workforce to deliver on the ADF’s future needs for watercraft and specialist ships.

The 2020 Force Structure Plan outlines the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) requirements for next generation specialised ships, seaboats, support vessels and army watercraft – including landing craft, coastal amphibious vessels and riverine patrol boats.  Tasmania’s Defence Advocate, Rear Admiral (Rtd) Steve Gilmore, said the state has a proven shipbuilding capability, having constructed ships and watercraft over decades for defence and security sectors, the offshore sector, the aquaculture industry, and commercial transport, ferry and Antarctic and Southern Ocean operators. “With extensive infrastructure and well-established supply chains, Tasmanian shipbuilders have the capability to construct the specialist ships, advanced watercraft and seaboats the ADF needs for the future” Rear Admiral (Rtd) Gilmore said.

The design, manufacture and fit-out of a range of vessels – from small specialised watercraft through to high-speed ferries over 120 metres long – takes place at a number of shipyards across Tasmania. Four shipyards are located at a maritime defence industry precinct 20 minutes north of the Hobart CBD and one shipyard is located just south of the city. In total, Tasmanian shipyards have over 79 500 square metres of undercover production hall space.


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