Each year, PFG Chair, Chris Oldfield, undertakes a fundraising initiative for Legacy, an organisation that provides support to families of ex-servicemen and women in need. To raise funds, Legatee Chris donates his time to sell the highly sought after Legacy Christmas puddings and Legacy badges.

In the lead up to Christmas, Chris was in Kingston, donating his time. His efforts are aimed at raising awareness and funds for the organisation, which has been helping the families of ex-servicemen and women for many years.

The Legacy Christmas pudding is made using an exclusive recipe that is unique to the organisation. The pudding is known for its delicious taste and has become a popular choice among supporters of Legacy. Through the efforts of volunteers’ efforts, Legacy can continue to provide much-needed assistance to the families of ex-servicemen and women. Chris’s commitment to this cause serves as an inspiration to many, and his contributions have helped to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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