PFG would like to welcome Chris Oldfield who has just been appointed to the position of Director and Chair of PFG. After 13 years James Cretan stepped down from the role and will continue to be involved as a Non-Executive Director.

During his time as Director and Chair, James oversaw the growth of PFG. This included the strategic repositioning of the Goodwood factory and the manufacture of HDPE boats, building on a 20+ year history of Aquatruck and the development of The Sentinel.

“After 13 years I have decided to step back to a role of Director and Shareholder, and we have appointed Chris to the role of Chair. Chris brings an extensive skill base and network to the table at an exciting time for PFG, with much activity and prospects for our Sentinel water craft, as well as our other products and services being in increasing demand as the economy recovers strongly from the COVID pandemic,” James explains.

Chris Oldfield is the former Australian Consul-General in San Francisco and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Austrade. Prior to this diplomatic role, Chris was the former Chief Executive of Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd and a former member of the Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council.

“I am delighted to accept this offer from the Directors, Chris said. I would like to thank James for his wisdom and guidance in positioning PFG as the pre-eminent builder of HDPE watercraft in Australia, together with a strong presence in the aquaculture industry, professional fishing supplies, fabrication and rotary moulding.”

Chris has a lifetime of experience in the maritime sector and has a specific passion for the future development of PFG’s next generation tactical watercraft, The Sentinel.

“The Sentinel is an exciting development for our company as it builds on our 25 years of experience constructing our Aquatruck boats for the aquaculture industry, State Police Forces and Emergency services sectors.”

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