The Sentinel range offers a fully-customisable integrated maritime system, enhancing mission capability for defence and security organisations.

The low signature profile optimizes stealth and the ability to penetrate adversary defences in a contested environment. The Sentinel can be fully networked with defence fleets and C5ISR systems and is autonomous ready.

The Sentinel range are the world’s only defence vessels manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) offering superior durability and reliability in the face of sustained force, optimised for repeated air drops and hard beaching. HDPE’s vibration absorption properties dampen noise, minimise slamming and personnel fatigue, while its high stability and responsive handling reduces rollover risk.

The Sentinel range offers unparalleled performance, safety and survivability for interdiction boarding, pursuit, tactical assault, and first response applications – when failure is not an option.


Durability & Survivability

The Sentinel vessels are manufactured to ISO, NSCV, or class society standards. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a material that has industrial strength, has positive buoyancy, and will not corrode, therefore offering superior durability over longer life spans with the ability to enhance ballistic protection.


Rapidly configurable mission deck designed to meet the capability requirements of a wide range of mission profiles. Layouts include protective cabin options, weapons effectors, ammunition lockers, dive doors, and the ability to integrate optionally manned technology, a variety of payloads, lifting ability, sensors, and deployment, launch, and retrieval options.


HDPE doesn’t suffer from electrolysis or corrosion, resists fouling, has a 50-year UV protection, and has no preventative maintenance requirements. HDPE hull is impact resistant and capable of hard breaching on rocks offering enhanced mission capability. In-situ repairs with no hot works allow for reliability and availability on long deployments where failure isn’t an option.


Lasts up to more than four times longer than their alloy or composite competitors due to its robust, durable construction, excellent design, and structural integrity afforded by thicker hull plates, and full double continuous welding throughout, all within a comparable gross weight.

Duty of Care

Highly stable platforms and the combination of design, and the HDPE material reduces the occurrence of rollover and capsize. The vessels also provide for reduced levels of personnel fatigue as the HDPE material absorbs vibration, dampening noise.


Are available in a camouflaging colour range suited to each environment, along with design, limited wake, and low radar and magnetic signature attributes.

Low Carbon Footprint

The Sentinel materials and construction energy has a carbon footprint five times lower than alloy or GRP.

Range and Applications

The Sentinel vessel range are tactical watercrafts used for patrols, crew transfer, rescue, first response and dive boat operations, by defence, public security and emergency service organisations across the globe.

The Sentinel provides a high-performance vessel for maritime operations where reliability, high capability and mission availability are vital.

Cutting edge outboard or jet propulsion with dynamic positioning systems work in tandem to provide precision manoeuvrability at low speed, resulting in propeller-free propulsion for personnel safety. The Sentinel can be fully networked with defence fleets and C5ISR systems and is autonomous ready.

Each vessel we produce starts with a full consultation with our customers and the PFG team to fully understand the requirements and application of the vessel. A range of some of the vessels we have produced are featured below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is the differentiator?

Sentinel vessels deliver an inherently smooth ride at full speed due to the low centre of gravity, high density ‘thick’ shock absorbing materials, proven design and build methods. It is these virtues that The Sentinel can bring to a new generation of evolved design fast military vessels, as well as a wide range of practical workboats for maintenance and support.


PFG has incorporated the Vigilant Safety System (VSS) as a key component of The Sentinel tactical watercraft.

The VSS™ incorporates critical design and operational components that set the benchmark in safety and performance.

Factors incorporated into the VSS™ include:

  • Design – systemic design delivers exceptional stability and seakeeping capability
  • Material excellence incorporating next generation HDPE
  • Construction – PFG’s quality assured craftsmanship, refined over 25 years of continuous improvement
  • Invigilation – superior monitoring, observation, and cloud based capabilities.

The Sentinel delivers an unrivalled level of immediate and long term protection and safety for crew and personnel.

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