The ADM Defence Skilling Summit, hosted by the Tasmanian Government, was a one-day, high-level, executive gathering brought together key players from both the Defence and Defence Industry sectors in Australia. The summit focused on addressing the current and future skills requirements that are necessary for Australia to remain a global player in the Defence space and to deliver and sustain the nation’s future Defence capability.

Key speakers at the Summit explored, what  industry seeks from its education providers and examine the impediments that may hinder the development of a more skilled and capable workforce both within the Defence and Private sectors. This will be essential in ensuring that the Defence industry in Australia remains competitive and sustainable in the long-term.

The conference focused on identifying best-case scenarios for the re-skilling and upskilling of the current labour force, with a particular emphasis on continuous improvement programs that can deliver an agile, flexible and efficient workforce. These programs will play a critical role in enabling the Defence industry in Australia to adapt and respond to evolving challenges and opportunities.

During the Summit, thirty delegates visited PFG, to view the latest addition to their Family of Sea Boats, The Sentinel 1100. This provided an opportunity for attendees to see first hand the innovative technology and capabilities that are driving the future of the Defence industry in Australia. The Sentinel 1100 is a cutting-edge Sea Boat , and the demonstration of its capabilities and how it can that contribute to Australia’s future Defence capability was a valuable addition to the Summit.


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