As PFG expands its boat building capability from specialising in Aquaculture work vessels to filling contracts for defence boats there is a need to expand the team.

Alice Clarke recently joined the team and PFG hope to put on more staff as the workshop continues to grow. Starting with PFG as a Trade Assistant, Alice originally started her career in a metal fabrication apprenticeship. .

Here’s why Alice joined PFG and what she enjoys most about her position.

What does a day at PFG look like to you?

A: The day varies, I organise boat pieces, do plastic welding and make missing pieces for the boats. This is more than just an average Trade Assistance role as I get given jobs and I also get to watch and learn more about the trade.

What is the best thing about your role?

A: Making things is definitely the best thing about the job. I get to make things every day, it’s so cool!

What made you want to be a metal/ plastic fabricator?

A: I’m 2 years into a metal fabrication apprenticeship (of 4 years), and I’ve switched across to plastic fabrications. Moving to plastic I learn new skills, work with more power tools than you do in metal fabrication, and hand tools. Here I’ve been learning to read and understand different plans and designs.

What made you want to be a ‘tradie’?

A: My Dad worked at Incat and I always liked the stories that he told when he came home from work. I want to create my own stories.

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Alice has already started to create her own stories, hoping to inspire more women to join the trade industry she was recently interview by the the Mercury Newspaper

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