PFG has joined forces with One2three Naval Architects to develop The Sentinel range of elite watercraft, fully customisable for a range of defence, security and emergency use cases.

The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) vessels combine the best of materials technology with Australian design ingenuity and an innate knowledge of local conditions.

HDPE is our boatbuilding material of choice for The Sentinel family of tactical defence vessels, not least because it’s so hard to break, and so easy to repair.

Any damage can be patched in situ, with no specialised equipment or hot works required.

HDPE’s combination of safety, durability and performance make the vessels perfect for tactical applications.

They feature a highly configurable layout and can be fully networked with the latest software for intelligent invigilation and autonomous operation.

HDPE’s shock-absorbing, vibration-dampening properties mean the vessels can achieve maximum speed with minimal personnel fatigue, while compromising nothing in execution and handling.

The Sentinel range is the next evolution of PFG and One2three’s decades of experience pioneering HDPE marine products and workboats, tried and tested in punishing Southern Ocean environments.

From design to manufacture to end-of-life recycling, the Sentinel is a truly Australian vessel crafted for the highest level of strategic operations and emergency response – when failure is not an option.


We will be at Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane 4-6th October, where our CEO Robert Inches will demonstrate the reparability  of HDPE.


The video below demonstrates the repair of HDPE

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