PFG helps protect Queensland borders with new Aquatruck Military Patrol RHIB


PFG Group launched its new 8m Military Patrol RHIB on Thursday 25th July 2019. This impressive vessel, the latest addition to the Aquatruck range,  is powered by twin 200Hp Suzuki outboards and is capable of in excess of 47 knots.

“Queensland Police manage one of the longest borders in Australia, they need vessels to go up and down their coastline to do everything from intercepting pirates with Border Force one day, to chasing crocodiles up the creek the next day” PFG Chief Executive Michael Sylvester said “they really need vessels that are durable, safe and stable”.

PFG’s loyal Aquatruck customers have benefited from the superior durability and ride performance the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) vessels deliver, for over 20 years. Today, PFG is a significant boat builder for the public safety sector and is currently building vessels for QLD Police and Parks Victoria.  At the launch PFG also commissioned the last vessel of a 10-boat contract for Queensland Police, these police vessels and the new 8m RHIB vessels 99 and 100, have been built by PFG in its Prince of Wales factory.

The new 8m RHIB will be showcased at the Defence Tasmania stand, at the biennial Pacific International Maritime Exposition, to be held in Sydney from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 October 2019.

Military and public safety is a core focus of PFG Group, their dedicated and highly skilled team will be applying their expertise to deliver durable products to these sectors, with confirmed orders for the next two years.

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