Recycling our product

PFG are creators of durable products for harsh environments.

Many of these products are made from polyethylene, the most commonly used plastic in the world today.

Polyethylene is a material which can be ground back into reusable material, 100% recyclable.

PFG Victoria can provide this in-house service for its customers to ensure that not only do you get a strong and durable item, you also have the option of a ready made disposal system at the end of its life.


  1. Customers end-of-life product returned to PFG Victoria site for regrinding.  Product is cut down intomanageable sizes and non plastic material is removed
  2. PFG also incorporates post production waste material streamlining internal processes and using allraw product.
  3. The waste is then run through a shredder to reduce down to smaller chunk size pieces.
  4. These pieces then go through our granulator to reduce down to 8mm granules.
  5. The granules will then pass through the grinder producing the powder needed to go back into the manufacturing process.
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