What do World Champion Axeman David Foster and The Sentinel tactical watercraft have in common?


They are both tough, strong, come from Tasmania and cannot break HDPE.

World Champion Axeman, David Foster OAM took a swing at high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to see if he could break through the tough material.

The aluminium buckled significantly and came close to tearing. Apart from scuff marks, the HDPE remained unblemished.

We make all our tactical watercraft out of HDPE.

A superior marine construction material due to its everlasting strength without corrosion.

HDPE construction material absorbs vibration, which enhances benefits to the crew and passengers.

  • There is no corrosion or electrolysis
  • The material is easy to maintain, which improves availability and reliability
  • HDPE lasts four times longer than aluminium

Built to withstand the harshest environments our boats are so durable that the first vessel built back in 1994 remains in commercial survey.

See how HDPE stands up against aluminium in the video below.


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