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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Groundbreaking design, manufacture and installation of recirculating aquaculture systems

PFG is able to offer a complete solution to commercial investors – designing and building facilities, fitting out facilities with state-of-the-art equipment as well as global logistics, distribution and marketing capability. 

Providing a diverse mix of expertise across our Australian, Hong Kong and China offices we ensure the highest level of design, manufacture and installation skills are available across our broad range of services. We also offer professional consulting services directly relating to aquaculture and vertically integrated operations. At a glance our professional and consultancy offer includes:

  • Fish farming design consultancies with Recirculating Aquaculture System ( RAS).
  • Caged, pond, flow through, hatcheries with both freshwater and marine.
  • Aquaponics, Hydroponics and waste reduction technologies.
  • Design engineering and architectural services.
  • Project and construction management or aquaculture operations.
  • Design and construction of new and existing facilities from concept to commissioning.
  • Training services for aquaculture farm operational management.
  • Equipment and manufacturing sourcing.


Plans for a $20 million tropical rock lobster hatchery in Tasmania

On Tasmanian Country Hour with Tony Brisco – listen here: https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/tas-country-hour/tropical-rock-lobsters/9935282 

A Tasmanian company is hoping to build a 20 million dollar tropical lobster hatchery in Tasmania. The Aquaculture Manufacturing company, PFG has designed and built marine farm equipment for decades. PFG’s Michael Sylvester spoke to Fiona about plans for a four thousand square metre hatchery in the State,


After 18 years of trying, closing the life cycle of tropical rock lobsters was a significant and world changing milestone in bringing sustainable, commercially viable lobster farming to reality. 

The secret is in the methods and equipment that have been specifically developed to address the critically important requirements of the lobster life cycle – a unique system that is finely tuned for success.  

PFG has world class aquaculture manufacturing capabilities and is a critical partner with the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) in commercialising this scientific breakthrough.  By moving up the value chain to create a new business PFG is building a global food security, biosecurity and sustainability footprint for lobster. 

The first commercial hatchery is being constructed by PFG in Tasmania and is due for completion in 2021.  When fully operational this hatchery will start a whole new industry benefiting the entire community – providing opportunities not just for the project partners but also for other new businesses servicing the industry.

Importantly, the technology is not just applicable for rock lobster, it can be applied to sea cucumber, seaweeds, sea urchin and other high value seafood species.

AUSFISH (Guangzhou Australian Aquaculture Technology Partnership)


The AusFish reputation is founded on the diversity and the number of successfully completed Aquaculture projects in Australia, the U.S., and throughout Asia, including China, Hong Kong, South Vietnam, and South Korea, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Kuwait, Nigeria, Greece.

 Highly developed technology – AusFish™ RAS Technologies, design and specialised technical skills, continuing research into technological development across all forms of Aquaculture, and most importantly, satisfying the stringent demands of our clients in terms of service reliability and product excellence.

 Our experienced project team provides a full range of Aquaculture and construction technical skills necessary as to farming operations in accordance with Best Practice complimented by sound project management principles and practices, at all time maintaining a firm commitment to sustainable and viable production.

The AusFish advantage

  • Worldwide RAS technology exchange and support for implanting operational systems  intensive aquaculture.
  • AusFish™ RAS Technologies with vertical integration for fish processing, fish meal and fish oil manufacturing.
  • AusFish™ RAS Technologies that provides for hatchery thru grow-out operations, and infrastructure support for live feed