PFG is a leading manufacturer of solutions in support of the Materials Handling Industry

Our Australian made plastic pallets are the largest in the southern hemisphere.  We offer a choice of commercial storage plastic bins that are forklift accessible, strong, and long-lasting.   Our supporting range of spill bunds includes a 4 drum bund that can be stored in both beam racking and drive-in racking.

We have forty years’ of experience in designing custom developed products to ensure a solution to your project, no matter how difficult the challenge is.

All our products are made in Australia in our workshop in Gippsland under ISO9001 certification. Manufactured from LDPE  our products comply with the Australian Food Grade Standard 2070:1,8.

Our material handling solutions include:

  • Infrastructure plastic pallets – floor, beam, or drive in racking storage
  • Reel plastic pallets – Scalloped top for reel storage
  • Printing pallets – castellated or flat topped
  • Custom pallets – designed to meet your requirements
  • Commercial storage plastic bins
  • Commercial insulated plastic bins & lids
  • Custom bins – designed to meet your requirements
  • Plastic hoppers
  • Spill bunds

Commercial Insulated Plastic Bins and Lids for the commercial fishing industry

A lightweight but rugged design guarantees a long service life in tough manufacturing, farming, engineering, and food-handling applications providing a cost-effective solution for handling and storing a wide variety of materials.

Bins and lids can be insulated to maintain consistent temperatures. They are stackable, easy to clean, low maintenance and incredible durable for use in harsh environments.

Personalise yours by choosing from a range of colours, and we’ll mould your company logo and ID number into the bin and lid.

Insulated Fish bin

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