PFG is renowned for creating durable products for harsh environments and we take pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Designed for the Southern Ocean and hand built in Tasmania, our vessels are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). All our boats are built to last, will not corrode, are incredibly strong, buoyant, and virtually maintenance-free.

Aquatruck 5.5

Aquatruck 5.5

Designed for the Southern Ocean and built in Tasmania, the Aquatruck 5.5 is a solid vessel. Hand built to NSCV 2C from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), it will not corrode, and is incredibly strong and buoyant providing the smoothest of rides.

The Aquatruck range is a proven-performer as an in-shore patrol vessel and has been put to extensive use by Queensland Police, Tasmanian Fisheries, Birkenhead Point Marine and Rufus King Fisheries.

The reliability of vessel performance is exceptional, and the use of HDPE material increases availability, as there is little to no maintenance or repair required.

Complete with new Yamaha Twin F90XB Outboards, Hydraulic Steering, 2 x 600CCA Marine Batteries, Lowrance HDS 9 Plotter and Uniden UM 355 VHF.

Available for immediate delivery. Interstate transport can be arranged.

Contact Stephen McCullum 0459 138 656 or email

The Sentinel  830

The Sentinel 830

The Sentinel 830 has been designed specifically for defence and security applications. The combination of the vessel design and the HDPE materials makes it a highly stable platform that reduces the risk of rollover and capsize. It also reduces the vibration and impact forces to its crew. Ease of vessel maintenance improves vessel operational availability and reliability. Design features include consideration to fast boarding through the bow step and handrails, quick and safe movement around the console by maximising deck width using a D-collar arrangement and flush mounted access hatches, electronics, and surveillance equipment to prevent snagging.

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